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Virgin Media UK services

Although it’s not really a subsidiary of the world famous Virgin Atlantic Airlines owned by the billionaire Richard Branson, thanks to a good deal set in 2006, Virgin can still enjoy all the benefits of the brand itself. Being one of the largest British telecom companies today, Virgin Media has definitely a lot to offer for its customers, in fact it was the first ever company that started offering the internet-phone-TV combo packages. Let see what Virgin Media has on offer for us when taking a closer look on all its offers within United Kingdom.

What is a bundle?

A bundle is a specific word used in the UK for package offers. Virgin has several sorts of bundles, also paying special attention to specific needs: let’s get to see these offers this time:

Types of complex bundles:


This package offers free-to-air channels and players and 70 cable TV channels. In addition to that the package has a SuperFibre 50 internet package with the promise of being four times faster than regular connection with unlimited downloads and a Wi-Fi hub.


This is a special package for families with kids where there are 5-9 devices in use. Having a specific attention to kids’ TV channels this package offers 190 TV channels, 100MB fiber broadband and all the default services which you can see in the above package.

Full House TV and Movies:

This targets the male or female users living alone having much more time and motivation to watch movies with access to Sky Cinema channels, Sport channels, players TV box sets and over 245 TV channels to the users service.


The same as Full House with more impotence on Sports channels, coming with all the default extras that come with every package


Equals to the basic package offering 150 TV channels and 50mb broadband internet

Full House:

Just like the mix of Fun and Full house TV and Movies packages.

Full House Sports:

More importance on sports channels.

Defaults which every bundle contains:

  • 500 Gb TiVo box
  • Wi-Fi for multiple devices
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Pause, rewind and record TV options
  • Free calls between subscribers during weekends
  • Minimum broadband 50 Mbps max broadband 200 MBps
  • Extra option to subscribe to watch Netflix from the TV ( subscription has to be paid by the customer)

As you can see one has plenty of choice to choose the best suitable package option for themselves. Also, one can get one or two single services as well by calling the Virgin Media contact number. The prize of the above mentioned bundles varies from a minimum of GBP 18 to a maximum of GBP 45 with a 1 year contract and an extra GBP 15 installation fee.