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Sky Shop and packages

In this article I’d like to say a few words on what sky actually offers when it comes to single and package based services. The large telecom company has definitely come a long way, since its founding in 1990. Today, it’s perhaps one of the highest quality and largest broadcasting conglomerates on its own rights, having its own collections of TV channels and although it has since purchased several top quality companies in order to provide the „whole” package, you can clearly see its focus is still primarily on paid TV programs.

Let’s see what bundles or packages Sky has on offer these days, in order for us to learn more about the diversity of the UK’s largest broadcaster. As an extra, Sky now offers either an LG TV or a Lenovo Laptop with all of its bundles.

Original package:

270 channels

Variety package:

300 + channels and 4500 episodes of kids programs

Box Set package:

350+ channels, 350+ box sets (of series) 4500 episodes of kids shows

What is Sky Q?

This is a very specific device that works like a computer to your TV. You will be able to watch tv in any room (with the help of the wireless Sky Q mini box set), watch TV multiscreen, stream and record on any portable device. With the Ultra HD extra you will get an even larger array of services. Today, Sky Q is a default with all 3 key TV bundles and as an extra, it also works as a router (Sky Q Hub)

Sky Movie package:

For an extra Sky offers it’s Sky Cinema package that consists of 11 movie channels and other extras

Sky Sports package

For an extra Sky offers a special Sports package that consists of 8 sport channels, live games and more

Sky Talk:

The exclusive phone service of Sky that’s offering free calls for all the other Sky Talk users.

Sky Broadband:

Armed with the newest fiber technique Sky seems to topple the quality in terms of internet.

Sky Talk and Broadband:

The company doesn’t count extra internet packages because the internet is organically provided by the Sky Q hub system with the latest and the fastest internet tool offering great and speedy internet for the whole family. Note: this can however be dependent on the exact area you live so always check with the customer service or on the website to see availability.

Today, Sky is representing the newest technique of broadcasting on its channels that’s called Ultra High definition, with this company being the only one already offering it in the United Kingdom. Check out the great array of new-generation television services of sky on the company’s official website.